me right nowIn defining myself, I want what I share about my life to amount to more than just a bunch of declarative statements on Facebook and Twitter. I want people to see action and witness change.

I can talk to you all day about what I want from life and where I see myself, but it is more important to me that I be a woman of action.

I don’t want to just know the rhetoric; I want to actually put in the work.



Big things come in small packages. That is all I am willing to say about it right now, but stay tuned, because I am living my dream, and things are definitely moving upward.

five of the seven books i got at the library sale

five of the seven books i got at the library sale

Let’s talk about how overly excited I am to have gotten 7 books at the library sale for a cool $5.

I also got the sequel to Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” and Janis Ian’s autobiography, “Society’s Child.”

I am now sitting on lower level three of the library with Mei-Li and Nenna, and we each have our laptops, our earbuds and our respective liquids.

Work is going to be done here today.

me in the newsroom

me in the newsroom

The calm after the storm. I am the only person in here aside from the ad manager. It’s quiet. The frenetic energy of yesterday has been replaced with the quiet calm of everyone being out doing paper delivery. I get to catch up on some editorial work. Then I can work on some articles and my column. Today is going to be a good day. Smile.